Matte For Men


About Matte for Men

Why do more and more men turn to Matte for Men for world-class men's skin care products? We like to think it’s because of our unique blend of science and simplicity. By combining the latest skincare technology with the highest quality ingredients, Matte for Men effectively addresses the needs of men who care about how they look and feel…but who prefer not to spend hours on it.

That’s why we don’t offer a bewildering array of men's grooming products for your face and skin — we’ll leave that to the other guys. If you don’t mind spending hours trying to figure out which one of the multitude of almost identical moisturizers a company has to offer is right for you — or if you like having to use five different products to do what our Complete Face Care Lotion does — our line is not for you.

We prefer to focus on a few great men's skin care products instead of a great many products. The result? Matte For Men addresses your skin care needs in a simple, straightforward and effective manner. Our men's skin care products effectively address everything from reducing shine to providing the best shave gel available for the closest and most comfortable shave. Our men's face care and skin care products work... and that is why you won't need to use multiple products to get results.

To us, it’s not having every possible choice for your skin care needs. It’s using science and simplicity to develop the best choice to treat your skin well. Learn more about Matte For Men from The New York Times.

About our company, Lescoja

Lescoja was founded in 2004 by our current President, Lee Jacobs. Having been associated with many successful consumer product companies over his career, Lee was surprised by the fact that there were so few truly effective men's skin care products on the market.

It was also apparent that the men's skin care products currently offered were almost all the same. For instance, Lee wondered why one brand had over twelve different facial moisturizers in its line. He recognized how confusing this could be and realized that there was a huge need for straightforward men's products that addressed specific issues in a simple, effective manner.

Lee transformed this insight into the finest men's grooming brand on the market ... Matte For Men. All of our items are developed with direct input from men, so they are easy to use and highly effective. Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients, never tested on animals, and are developed with sensitive skin in mind. We make sure that the product performs as promised and addresses the needs derived directly from men.

We hope you try our products and are confident that you will find them as simple and effective to use as so many men already have.