Matte For Men


Founders Thoughts

On The Best Skin Care Products For Men

Founder Video"Their men's skin care products are the reasons for ours." If I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times. I got the idea for a truly effective men's skincare line the day I got married on the beach in Santa Barbara, California in 2003. Since the ceremony was going to be held outside, I wanted to protect my skin from the elements (you know how long wedding ceremonies can be!). I went to the hotel lobby and picked up one of my competitor's products that contained an SPF 20. After putting it on, feeling how greasy / sticky it was, and noticing that it left a heavy residue on my hands, the "light bulb" went off! It was time for men's products that worked, were easy to use, and didn't have all of the negative attributes I experienced with my recent purchase. Matte For Men was indeed born!

Our Rivals...

Do you think that our competitors would actually put a link to our website on theirs? We are so confident that you'll find Matte For Men to have the best skincare products on the market that we want you to shop around. Go ahead... the more you shop, the better we look.

I truly hope that you will give Matte For Men a try and thanks for taking the time to learn more about us.

Lee Jacobs