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  • Doctors and Pharmacists use It ... Shouldn't You?
    They can use anything they want but they choose our formula because it is the finest available. The "prescription" for a close smooth shave, elimination of in-grown hairs, and no shaving irritation.
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  • Five Benefits. One Lotion. On Sale.
    The reason we have the top men's 5-in-1 moisturizer in the US is simple: you get maximum results with minimum effort. This all-in-one lotion moisturizes, contains SPF 30, reduces skin shine, evens skin tone, and reduces puffiness.

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  • New To Men's Skincare? Get Started with 30% Off The Intro Set.
    For a limited time, you can save big on our three most effective products that include our Complete Face Care Lotion with SPF 30, Antioxidant Shave Gel, and award-winning Complete Cleansing Cloths. Makes a great gift for him ... or you.

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