Matte For Men


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  • The best all-in-one, shine-reducing mens facial moisturizer period.
    With improved shine reduction and UV protection, our award-winning 5 in 1 formula is now more complete than ever ... and more convenient.

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  • Begin the new year with a clean slate ... and great looking skin.
    We've made "taking good care of your skin" an easy resolution to keep with the Matte For Men Dynamic Duo! Our Complete Face Care Lotion with SPF 30 and Fixx Advanced Repair Moisturizer are two of our most effective skin care solutions ... and you can now save $20 on them both for a limited time!
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  • The best shave gel for men is sold exclusively here.
    Our award-winning Antioxidant Shave Gel eliminates shaving irritation and ingrown hairs while allowing the smoothest shave possible.

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  • The Ultimate Body Powder For Men To Control Wetness And Odor.
    Our new formula is the natural and effective way to keep your skin cool, dry and comfortable while helping to reduce odor.  The perfect finishing touch for every man.
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