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Our award-winning product line takes the "confusion" out of men’s skin care by offering only the most effective product you can use in each skin care category:

Man Powder


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Our NEW FORMULA is now available! With improved moisture and odor absorption, this natural body powder for men will leave you feeling comfortable all day long. With added aloe, Man Powder will soothe skin and help eliminate chaffing, while the light citrus scent keeps you from smelling like baby powder or a medicine cabinet. Perfect for use anywhere you sweat. Our new package helps make Man Powder more travel-friendly and easier to use.

8.5 oz

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Matte For Men™ Man Powder is the simple, effective, natural way to keep all of your skin -- even your skin "down there" -- dry, cool and comfortable while helping to fight odor.

With a unique combination of ingredients, our lightly citrus-scented body powder for men helps to:

  • Absorb excess moisture
  • Soothe your skin
  • Reduce chafing
  • Fight odor, jock itch, and yes, even sweaty balls
  • Finely milled natural corn starch results in a body powder for men with greater absorbency
  • Baking soda to help neutralize odor
  • Aloe extract to help soothe skin
  • Carefully shake powder into your hand and smooth onto your skin.
  • Apply powder liberally as often as necessary.


1. Where can I use Matte For Men Man Powder?

Anywhere you sweat from the neck down. Since it is great for controlling wetness and odor, we suggest places like under your arms, on your feet, and especially "down below." This is THE body powder for men!

2. What makes Man Powder different from other powders?

Simple... our unique combination of the finest, most effective ingredients available. We start with finely milled, pharmaceutical-grade premium cornstarch and add in just the right amounts of pure baking soda and aloe extract. Then we add a light citrus scent, which dissipates quickly and won’t leave you smelling like a baby. The result... the best body powder for men!