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Our award-winning product line takes the "confusion" out of men’s skin care by offering only the most effective product you can use in each skin care category:

Fixx Advanced Repair Moisturizer


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Developed to combat the effects of time, this non-greasy anti aging moisturizer will fortify your skin to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping firm loose skin and turkey neck. Fixx is an anti aging lotion for men and important weapon in the battle to look your best.

1.7 oz

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The effective, targeted and simple way to reduce and repair the effects that time and the environment have on a man's skin. Used nightly, the highly advanced peptide formula inside our anti aging lotion for men will noticeably reduce the signs of aging, help boost collagen production, and enhance skin's strength and firmness while improving hydration. This anti aging lotion for men is a "must use" to help restore and maintain your skin's healthy and youthful appearance while helping to fight turkey neck.

Fixx Advanced Repair Moisturizer for men is:

  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Tetrapeptide Complex : Targeted at improving skin cell activity and rejuvenation...also helps to boost the production of collagen in the skin
  • EPS : Derived from the ecosystem of French Polynesia, this key ingredient stimulates skin hydration and helps limit moisture loss.
  • Panthenol : Improves hydration and reduces inflammation of the skin
  • Vitamin E : A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes damaging free radicals
  • Apply a thin event amount over clean face and neck nightly


1. Should Fixx Advanced Repair Moisturizer only be used at night?

While we do recommend its use before going to bed, another perfect time to apply it is after a shower and/or a shave. Not only will it soothe recently shaved skin, but Fixx will continue to moisturize and help repair your skin throughout the day.